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  • (array) { The array of cron schedules keyed by the schedule name. @type array ...$0 { Cron schedule information. @type int $interval The schedule interval in seconds. @type string $display The schedule display name. } }
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Retrieves supported event recurrence schedules.The default supported recurrences are 'hourly', 'twicedaily', 'daily', and 'weekly'. A plugin may add more by hooking into the {@see 'cron_schedules'} filter. The filter accepts an array of arrays. The outer array has a key that is the name of the schedule, for example 'monthly'. The value is an array with two keys, one is 'interval' and the other is 'display'. The 'interval' is a number in seconds of when the cron job should run. So for 'hourly' the time is `HOUR_IN_SECONDS` (60 * 60 or 3600). For 'monthly', the value would be `MONTH_IN_SECONDS` (30 * 24 * 60 * 60 or 2592000). The 'display' is the description. For the 'monthly' key, the 'display' would be `__( 'Once Monthly' )`. For your plugin, you will be passed an array. You can easily add your schedule by doing the following. // Filter parameter variable name is 'array'. $array['monthly'] = array( 'interval' => MONTH_IN_SECONDS, 'display' => __( 'Once Monthly' ) );

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