wp_get_themes ( $args = array() )

  • (array) args { Optional. The search arguments. @type mixed $errors True to return themes with errors, false to return themes without errors, null to return all themes. Default false. @type mixed $allowed (Multisite) True to return only allowed themes for a site. False to return only disallowed themes for a site. 'site' to return only site-allowed themes. 'network' to return only network-allowed themes. Null to return all themes. Default null. @type int $blog_id (Multisite) The blog ID used to calculate which themes are allowed. Default 0, synonymous for the current blog. }
  • (WP_Theme[]) Array of WP_Theme objects.
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Returns an array of WP_Theme objects based on the arguments.Despite advances over get_themes(), this function is quite expensive, and grows linearly with additional themes. Stick to wp_get_theme() if possible.

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