wp_get_archives ( $args = '' )

  • (string|array) args { Default archive links arguments. Optional. @type string $type Type of archive to retrieve. Accepts 'daily', 'weekly', 'monthly', 'yearly', 'postbypost', or 'alpha'. Both 'postbypost' and 'alpha' display the same archive link list as well as post titles instead of displaying dates. The difference between the two is that 'alpha' will order by post title and 'postbypost' will order by post date. Default 'monthly'. @type string|int $limit Number of links to limit the query to. Default empty (no limit). @type string $format Format each link should take using the $before and $after args. Accepts 'link' (`<link>` tag), 'option' (`<option>` tag), 'html' (`<li>` tag), or a custom format, which generates a link anchor with $before preceding and $after succeeding. Default 'html'. @type string $before Markup to prepend to the beginning of each link. Default empty. @type string $after Markup to append to the end of each link. Default empty. @type bool $show_post_count Whether to display the post count alongside the link. Default false. @type bool|int $echo Whether to echo or return the links list. Default 1|true to echo. @type string $order Whether to use ascending or descending order. Accepts 'ASC', or 'DESC'. Default 'DESC'. @type string $post_type Post type. Default 'post'. @type string $year Year. Default current year. @type string $monthnum Month number. Default current month number. @type string $day Day. Default current day. @type string $w Week. Default current week. }
  • (void|string) Void if 'echo' argument is true, archive links if 'echo' is false.
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Displays archive links based on type and format.

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