wp_privacy_process_personal_data_export_page ( $response, $exporter_index, $email_address, $page, $request_id, $send_as_email, $exporter_key )

  • (array) response The response from the personal data exporter for the given page.
  • (int) exporter_index The index of the personal data exporter. Begins at 1.
  • (string) email_address The email address of the user whose personal data this is.
  • (int) page The page of personal data for this exporter. Begins at 1.
  • (int) request_id The request ID for this personal data export.
  • (bool) send_as_email Whether the final results of the export should be emailed to the user.
  • (string) exporter_key The slug (key) of the exporter.
  • (array) The filtered response.
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Intercept personal data exporter page Ajax responses in order to assemble the personal data export file.

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