wp_privacy_generate_personal_data_export_group_html ( $group_data, $group_id = '', $groups_count = 1 )

  • (array) group_data { The group data to render. @type string $group_label The user-facing heading for the group, e.g. 'Comments'. @type array $items { An array of group items. @type array $group_item_data { An array of name-value pairs for the item. @type string $name The user-facing name of an item name-value pair, e.g. 'IP Address'. @type string $value The user-facing value of an item data pair, e.g. ''. } } }
  • (string) group_id The group identifier.
  • (int) groups_count The number of all groups
  • (string) The HTML for this group and its items.
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Generate a single group for the personal data export report.

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