wp_add_privacy_policy_content ( $plugin_name, $policy_text )

  • (string) plugin_name The name of the plugin or theme that is suggesting content for the site's privacy policy.
  • (string) policy_text The suggested content for inclusion in the policy.
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Declares a helper function for adding content to the Privacy Policy Guide.Plugins and themes should suggest text for inclusion in the site's privacy policy. The suggested text should contain information about any functionality that affects user privacy, and will be shown on the Privacy Policy Guide screen. A plugin or theme can use this function multiple times as long as it will help to better present the suggested policy content. For example modular plugins such as WooCommerse or Jetpack can add or remove suggested content depending on the modules/extensions that are enabled. For more information see the Plugin Handbook: https://developer.wordpress.org/plugins/privacy/suggesting-text-for-the-site-privacy-policy/. The HTML contents of the `$policy_text` supports use of a specialized `.privacy-policy-tutorial` CSS class which can be used to provide supplemental information. Any content contained within HTML elements that have the `.privacy-policy-tutorial` CSS class applied will be omitted from the clipboard when the section content is copied. Intended for use with the `'admin_init'` action.

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