check_column ( $table_name, $col_name, $col_type, $is_null = null, $key = null, $default = null, $extra = null )

  • (string) $table_name Table name
  • (string) $col_name Column name
  • (string) $col_type Column type
  • (bool) $is_null Optional. Check is null.
  • (mixed) $key Optional. Key info.
  • (mixed) $default Optional. Default value.
  • (mixed) $extra Optional. Extra value.
  • (bool) True, if matches. False, if not matching.
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Check column matches criteria.

Uses the SQL DESC for retrieving the table info for the column. It will help understand the parameters, if you do more research on what column information is returned by the SQL statement. Pass in null to skip checking that criteria.

Column names returned from DESC table are case sensitive and are listed: Field Type Null Key Default Extra

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