check_comment ( $author, $email, $url, $comment, $user_ip, $user_agent, $comment_type )

  • (string) $author Comment author name.
  • (string) $email Comment author email.
  • (string) $url Comment author URL.
  • (string) $comment Content of the comment.
  • (string) $user_ip Comment author IP address.
  • (string) $user_agent Comment author User-Agent.
  • (string) $comment_type Comment type, either user-submitted comment, trackback, or pingback.
  • (bool) If all checks pass, true, otherwise false.
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Check whether a comment passes internal checks to be allowed to add.

If manual comment moderation is set in the administration, then all checks, regardless of their type and whitelist, will fail and the function will return false.

If the number of links exceeds the amount in the administration, then the check fails. If any of the parameter contents match the blacklist of words, then the check fails.

If the comment author was approved before, then the comment is automatically whitelisted.

If all checks pass, the function will return true.

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