wpmu_validate_user_signup ( $user_name, $user_email )

  • (string) user_name The login name provided by the user.
  • (string) user_email The email provided by the user.
  • (array) { The array of user name, email, and the error messages. @type string $user_name Sanitized and unique username. @type string $orig_username Original username. @type string $user_email User email address. @type WP_Error $errors WP_Error object containing any errors found. }
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Sanitizes and validates data required for a user sign-up.Verifies the validity and uniqueness of user names and user email addresses, and checks email addresses against allowed and disallowed domains provided by administrators. The {@see 'wpmu_validate_user_signup'} hook provides an easy way to modify the sign-up process. The value $result, which is passed to the hook, contains both the user-provided info and the error messages created by the function. {@see 'wpmu_validate_user_signup'} allows you to process the data in any way you'd like, and unset the relevant errors if necessary.

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