wpmu_validate_blog_signup ( $blogname, $blog_title, $user = '' )

  • (string) $blogname The blog name provided by the user. Must be unique.
  • (string) $blog_title The blog title provided by the user.
  • (WP_User|string) $user Optional. The user object to check against the new site name.
  • (array) Contains the new site data and error messages.
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Processes new site registrations.

Checks the data provided by the user during blog signup. Verifies the validity and uniqueness of blog paths and domains.

This function prevents the current user from registering a new site with a blogname equivalent to another user's login name. Passing the $user parameter to the function, where $user is the other user, is effectively an override of this limitation.

Filter {@see 'wpmu_validate_blog_signup'} if you want to modify the way that WordPress validates new site signups.

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