wp_new_comment ( $commentdata, $wp_error = false )

  • (array) commentdata { Comment data. @type string $comment_author The name of the comment author. @type string $comment_author_email The comment author email address. @type string $comment_author_url The comment author URL. @type string $comment_content The content of the comment. @type string $comment_date The date the comment was submitted. Default is the current time. @type string $comment_date_gmt The date the comment was submitted in the GMT timezone. Default is `$comment_date` in the GMT timezone. @type string $comment_type Comment type. Default 'comment'. @type int $comment_parent The ID of this comment's parent, if any. Default 0. @type int $comment_post_ID The ID of the post that relates to the comment. @type int $user_id The ID of the user who submitted the comment. Default 0. @type int $user_ID Kept for backward-compatibility. Use `$user_id` instead. @type string $comment_agent Comment author user agent. Default is the value of 'HTTP_USER_AGENT' in the `$_SERVER` superglobal sent in the original request. @type string $comment_author_IP Comment author IP address in IPv4 format. Default is the value of 'REMOTE_ADDR' in the `$_SERVER` superglobal sent in the original request. }
  • (bool) wp_error Should errors be returned as WP_Error objects instead of executing wp_die()? Default false.
  • (int|false|WP_Error) The ID of the comment on success, false or WP_Error on failure.
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Adds a new comment to the database.Filters new comment to ensure that the fields are sanitized and valid before inserting comment into database. Calls {@see 'comment_post'} action with comment ID and whether comment is approved by WordPress. Also has {@see 'preprocess_comment'} filter for processing the comment data before the function handles it. We use `REMOTE_ADDR` here directly. If you are behind a proxy, you should ensure that it is properly set, such as in wp-config.php, for your environment. See {@link}

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