wp_nav_menu_remove_menu_item_has_children_class ( $classes, $menu_item, $args = false, $depth = false )

  • (string[]) classes Array of the CSS classes that are applied to the menu item's `<li>` element.
  • (WP_Post) menu_item The current menu item object.
  • (stdClass|false) args An object of wp_nav_menu() arguments. Default false ($args unspecified when filter is called).
  • (int|false) depth Depth of menu item. Default false ($depth unspecified when filter is called).
  • (string[]) Modified nav menu classes.
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Remove the `menu-item-has-children` class from bottom level menu items.This runs on the {@see 'nav_menu_css_class'} filter. The $args and $depth parameters were added after the filter was originally introduced in WordPress 3.0.0 so this needs to allow for cases in which the filter is called without them.

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