wp_list_comments ( $args = array(), $comments = null )

  • (string|array) args { Optional. Formatting options. @type object $walker Instance of a Walker class to list comments. Default null. @type int $max_depth The maximum comments depth. Default empty. @type string $style The style of list ordering. Accepts 'ul', 'ol', or 'div'. 'div' will result in no additional list markup. Default 'ul'. @type callable $callback Callback function to use. Default null. @type callable $end-callback Callback function to use at the end. Default null. @type string $type Type of comments to list. Accepts 'all', 'comment', 'pingback', 'trackback', 'pings'. Default 'all'. @type int $page Page ID to list comments for. Default empty. @type int $per_page Number of comments to list per page. Default empty. @type int $avatar_size Height and width dimensions of the avatar size. Default 32. @type bool $reverse_top_level Ordering of the listed comments. If true, will display newest comments first. Default null. @type bool $reverse_children Whether to reverse child comments in the list. Default null. @type string $format How to format the comments list. Accepts 'html5', 'xhtml'. Default 'html5' if the theme supports it. @type bool $short_ping Whether to output short pings. Default false. @type bool $echo Whether to echo the output or return it. Default true. }
  • (WP_Comment[]) comments Optional. Array of WP_Comment objects. Default null.
  • WP_Query:: $comments
  • (void|string) Void if 'echo' argument is true, or no comments to list. Otherwise, HTML list of comments.
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Displays a list of comments.Used in the comments.php template to list comments for a particular post.

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