wp_install ( $blog_title, $user_name, $user_email, $is_public, $deprecated = '', $user_password = '', $language = '' )

  • (string) blog_title Site title.
  • (string) user_name User's username.
  • (string) user_email User's email.
  • (bool) is_public Whether the site is public.
  • (string) deprecated Optional. Not used.
  • (string) user_password Optional. User's chosen password. Default empty (random password).
  • (string) language Optional. Language chosen. Default empty.
  • (array) { Data for the newly installed site. @type string $url The URL of the site. @type int $user_id The ID of the site owner. @type string $password The password of the site owner, if their user account didn't already exist. @type string $password_message The explanatory message regarding the password. }
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Installs the site.Runs the required functions to set up and populate the database, including primary admin user and initial options.

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