wp_insert_link ( $linkdata, $wp_error = false )

  • (array) linkdata { Elements that make up the link to insert. @type int $link_id Optional. The ID of the existing link if updating. @type string $link_url The URL the link points to. @type string $link_name The title of the link. @type string $link_image Optional. A URL of an image. @type string $link_target Optional. The target element for the anchor tag. @type string $link_description Optional. A short description of the link. @type string $link_visible Optional. 'Y' means visible, anything else means not. @type int $link_owner Optional. A user ID. @type int $link_rating Optional. A rating for the link. @type string $link_rel Optional. A relationship of the link to you. @type string $link_notes Optional. An extended description of or notes on the link. @type string $link_rss Optional. A URL of an associated RSS feed. @type int $link_category Optional. The term ID of the link category. If empty, uses default link category. }
  • (bool) wp_error Optional. Whether to return a WP_Error object on failure. Default false.
  • (int|WP_Error) Value 0 or WP_Error on failure. The link ID on success.
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Inserts a link into the database, or updates an existing link.Runs all the necessary sanitizing, provides default values if arguments are missing, and finally saves the link.

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