wp_dashboard_cached_rss_widget ( $widget_id, $callback, $check_urls = array(), $args )

  • (string) $widget_id The widget ID.
  • (callable) $callback The callback funtion used to display each feed.
  • (array) $check_urls RSS feeds
  • (mixed) $args ...$args Optional additional parameters to pass to the callback function when it's called.
  • (bool) False on failure. True on success.
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Checks to see if all of the feed url in $check_urls are cached.

If $check_urls is empty, look for the rss feed url found in the dashboard widget options of $widget_id. If cached, call $callback, a function that echoes out output for this widget. If not cache, echo a "Loading..." stub which is later replaced by Ajax call (see top of /wp-admin/index.php)

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