request_filesystem_credentials ( $form_post, $type = '', $error = false, $context = '', $extra_fields = null, $allow_relaxed_file_ownership = false )

  • (string) form_post The URL to post the form to.
  • (string) type Optional. Chosen type of filesystem. Default empty.
  • (bool|WP_Error) error Optional. Whether the current request has failed to connect, or an error object. Default false.
  • (string) context Optional. Full path to the directory that is tested for being writable. Default empty.
  • (array) extra_fields Optional. Extra `POST` fields to be checked for inclusion in the post. Default null.
  • (bool) allow_relaxed_file_ownership Optional. Whether to allow Group/World writable. Default false.
  • (bool|array) True if no filesystem credentials are required, false if they are required but have not been provided, array of credentials if they are required and have been provided.
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Displays a form to the user to request for their FTP/SSH details in order to connect to the filesystem.All chosen/entered details are saved, excluding the password. Hostnames may be in the form of hostname:portnumber (eg: to specify an alternate FTP/SSH port. Plugins may override this form by returning true|false via the {@see 'request_filesystem_credentials'} filter.

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