get_filesystem_method ( $args = array(), $context = '', $allow_relaxed_file_ownership = false )

  • (array) $args Optional. Connection details. Default empty array.
  • (string) $context Optional. Full path to the directory that is tested for being writable. Default empty.
  • (bool) $allow_relaxed_file_ownership Optional. Whether to allow Group/World writable. Default false.
  • may define a custom transport handler, See WP_Filesystem().
  • (string) The transport to use, see description for valid return values.
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Determines which method to use for reading, writing, modifying, or deleting files on the filesystem.

The priority of the transports are: Direct, SSH2, FTP PHP Extension, FTP Sockets (Via Sockets class, or fsockopen()). Valid values for these are: 'direct', 'ssh2', 'ftpext' or 'ftpsockets'.

The return value can be overridden by defining the FS_METHOD constant in wp-config.php, or filtering via {@see 'filesystem_method'}.

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