make_before_block_visitor ( $hooked_blocks, $context )

  • private
  • (array) hooked_blocks An array of blocks hooked to another given block.
  • (WP_Block_Template|array) context A block template, template part, or pattern that the blocks belong to.
  • (callable) A function that returns the serialized markup for the given block, including the markup for any hooked blocks before it.
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Returns a function that injects the theme attribute into, and hooked blocks before, a given block.The returned function can be used as `$pre_callback` argument to `traverse_and_serialize_block(s)`, where it will inject the `theme` attribute into all Template Part blocks, and prepend the markup for any blocks hooked `before` the given block and as its parent's `first_child`, respectively. This function is meant for internal use only.

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