get_term ( $term, $taxonomy = '', $output = OBJECT, $filter = 'raw' )

  • (int|WP_Term|object) term If integer, term data will be fetched from the database, or from the cache if available. If stdClass object (as in the results of a database query), will apply filters and return a `WP_Term` object with the `$term` data. If `WP_Term`, will return `$term`.
  • (string) taxonomy Optional. Taxonomy name that `$term` is part of.
  • (string) output Optional. The required return type. One of OBJECT, ARRAY_A, or ARRAY_N, which correspond to a WP_Term object, an associative array, or a numeric array, respectively. Default OBJECT.
  • (string) filter Optional. How to sanitize term fields. Default 'raw'.
  • (WP_Term|array|WP_Error|null) WP_Term instance (or array) on success, depending on the `$output` value. WP_Error if `$taxonomy` does not exist. Null for miscellaneous failure.
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Gets all term data from database by term ID.The usage of the get_term function is to apply filters to a term object. It is possible to get a term object from the database before applying the filters. $term ID must be part of $taxonomy, to get from the database. Failure, might be able to be captured by the hooks. Failure would be the same value as $wpdb returns for the get_row method. There are two hooks, one is specifically for each term, named 'get_term', and the second is for the taxonomy name, 'term_$taxonomy'. Both hooks gets the term object, and the taxonomy name as parameters. Both hooks are expected to return a term object. {@see 'get_term'} hook - Takes two parameters the term Object and the taxonomy name. Must return term object. Used in get_term() as a catch-all filter for every $term. {@see 'get_$taxonomy'} hook - Takes two parameters the term Object and the taxonomy name. Must return term object. $taxonomy will be the taxonomy name, so for example, if 'category', it would be 'get_category' as the filter name. Useful for custom taxonomies or plugging into default taxonomies.

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