get_comment_link ( $comment = null, $args = array() )

  • (WP_Comment|int|null) comment Optional. Comment to retrieve. Default current comment.
  • (array) args { An array of optional arguments to override the defaults. @type string $type Passed to get_page_of_comment(). @type int $page Current page of comments, for calculating comment pagination. @type int $per_page Per-page value for comment pagination. @type int $max_depth Passed to get_page_of_comment(). @type int|string $cpage Value to use for the comment's "comment-page" or "cpage" value. If provided, this value overrides any value calculated from `$page` and `$per_page`. }
  • (string) The permalink to the given comment.
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Retrieves the link to a given comment.

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