get_page_of_comment ( $comment_id, $args = array() )

  • (int) comment_id Comment ID.
  • (array) args { Array of optional arguments. @type string $type Limit paginated comments to those matching a given type. Accepts 'comment', 'trackback', 'pingback', 'pings' (trackbacks and pingbacks), or 'all'. Default 'all'. @type int $per_page Per-page count to use when calculating pagination. Defaults to the value of the 'comments_per_page' option. @type int|string $max_depth If greater than 1, comment page will be determined for the top-level parent `$comment_id`. Defaults to the value of the 'thread_comments_depth' option. }
  • (int|null) Comment page number or null on error.
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Calculates what page number a comment will appear on for comment paging.

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