apply_filters_deprecated ( $tag, $args, $version, $replacement = false, $message = null )

  • (string) $tag The name of the filter hook.
  • (array) $args Array of additional function arguments to be passed to apply_filters().
  • (string) $version The version of WordPress that deprecated the hook.
  • (string) $replacement Optional. The hook that should have been used. Default false.
  • (string) $message Optional. A message regarding the change. Default null.
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Fires functions attached to a deprecated filter hook.

When a filter hook is deprecated, the apply_filters() call is replaced with apply_filters_deprecated(), which triggers a deprecation notice and then fires the original filter hook.

Note: the value and extra arguments passed to the original apply_filters() call must be passed here to $args as an array. For example:

// Old filter.
return apply_filters( 'wpdocs_filter', $value, $extra_arg );

// Deprecated.
return apply_filters_deprecated( 'wpdocs_filter', array( $value, $extra_arg ), '4.9', 'wpdocs_new_filter' );

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