_get_plugin_data_markup_translate ( $plugin_file, $plugin_data, $markup = true, $translate = true )

  • private
  • (string) plugin_file Path to the main plugin file.
  • (array) plugin_data An array of plugin data. See `get_plugin_data()`.
  • (bool) markup Optional. If the returned data should have HTML markup applied. Default true.
  • (bool) translate Optional. If the returned data should be translated. Default true.
  • (array) { Plugin data. Values will be empty if not supplied by the plugin. @type string $Name Name of the plugin. Should be unique. @type string $Title Title of the plugin and link to the plugin's site (if set). @type string $Description Plugin description. @type string $Author Author's name. @type string $AuthorURI Author's website address (if set). @type string $Version Plugin version. @type string $TextDomain Plugin textdomain. @type string $DomainPath Plugins relative directory path to .mo files. @type bool $Network Whether the plugin can only be activated network-wide. }
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Sanitizes plugin data, optionally adds markup, optionally translates.

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