wp_tag_cloud ( $args = '' )

  • (array|string) args { Optional. Array or string of arguments for displaying a tag cloud. See wp_generate_tag_cloud() and get_terms() for the full lists of arguments that can be passed in `$args`. @type int $number The number of tags to display. Accepts any positive integer or zero to return all. Default 45. @type string $link Whether to display term editing links or term permalinks. Accepts 'edit' and 'view'. Default 'view'. @type string $post_type The post type. Used to highlight the proper post type menu on the linked edit page. Defaults to the first post type associated with the taxonomy. @type bool $echo Whether or not to echo the return value. Default true. }
  • (void|string|string[]) Void if 'echo' argument is true, or on failure. Otherwise, tag cloud as a string or an array, depending on 'format' argument.
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Displays a tag cloud.Outputs a list of tags in what is called a 'tag cloud', where the size of each tag is determined by how many times that particular tag has been assigned to posts.

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