wp_style_engine_get_styles ( $block_styles, $options = array() )

  • (array) block_styles The style object.
  • (array) options { Optional. An array of options. Default empty array. @type string|null $context An identifier describing the origin of the style object, e.g. 'block-supports' or 'global-styles'. Default null. When set, the style engine will attempt to store the CSS rules, where a selector is also passed. @type bool $convert_vars_to_classnames Whether to skip converting incoming CSS var patterns, e.g. `var:preset|<PRESET_TYPE>|<PRESET_SLUG>`, to `var( --wp--preset--* )` values. Default false. @type string $selector Optional. When a selector is passed, the value of `$css` in the return value will comprise a full CSS rule `$selector { ...$css_declarations }`, otherwise, the value will be a concatenated string of CSS declarations. }
  • (array) { @type string $css A CSS ruleset or declarations block formatted to be placed in an HTML `style` attribute or tag. @type string[] $declarations An associative array of CSS definitions, e.g. `array( "$property" => "$value", "$property" => "$value" )`. @type string $classnames Classnames separated by a space. }
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Global public interface method to generate styles from a single style object, e.g. the value of a block's attributes.style object or the top level styles in theme.json.Example usage: $styles = wp_style_engine_get_styles( array( 'color' => array( 'text' => '#cccccc' ), ) ); Returns: array( 'css' => 'color: #cccccc', 'declarations' => array( 'color' => '#cccccc' ), 'classnames' => 'has-color', )

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