wp_specialchars_decode ( $string, $quote_style = ENT_NOQUOTES )

  • (string) string The text which is to be decoded.
  • (string|int) quote_style Optional. Converts double quotes if set to ENT_COMPAT, both single and double if set to ENT_QUOTES or none if set to ENT_NOQUOTES. Also compatible with old _wp_specialchars() values; converting single quotes if set to 'single', double if set to 'double' or both if otherwise set. Default is ENT_NOQUOTES.
  • (string) The decoded text without HTML entities.
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Converts a number of HTML entities into their special characters.Specifically deals with: `&`, `<`, `>`, `"`, and `'`. `$quote_style` can be set to ENT_COMPAT to decode `"` entities, or ENT_QUOTES to do both `"` and `'`. Default is ENT_NOQUOTES where no quotes are decoded.

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