wp_set_post_terms ( $post_id = 0, $terms = '', $taxonomy = 'post_tag', $append = false )

  • (int) post_id Optional. The Post ID. Does not default to the ID of the global $post.
  • (string|array) terms Optional. An array of terms to set for the post, or a string of terms separated by commas. Hierarchical taxonomies must always pass IDs rather than names so that children with the same names but different parents aren't confused. Default empty.
  • (string) taxonomy Optional. Taxonomy name. Default 'post_tag'.
  • (bool) append Optional. If true, don't delete existing terms, just add on. If false, replace the terms with the new terms. Default false.
  • (array|false|WP_Error) Array of term taxonomy IDs of affected terms. WP_Error or false on failure.
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Sets the terms for a post.

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