wp_save_image_file ( $filename, $image, $mime_type, $post_id )

  • (string) filename Name of the file to be saved.
  • (WP_Image_Editor) image The image editor instance.
  • (string) mime_type The mime type of the image.
  • (int) post_id Attachment post ID.
  • (array|WP_Error|bool) { Array on success or WP_Error if the file failed to save. When called with a deprecated value for the `$image` parameter, i.e. a non-`WP_Image_Editor` image resource or `GdImage` instance, the function will return true on success, false on failure. @type string $path Path to the image file. @type string $file Name of the image file. @type int $width Image width. @type int $height Image height. @type string $mime-type The mime type of the image. @type int $filesize File size of the image. }
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Saves image to file.

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