wp_resolve_numeric_slug_conflicts ( $query_vars = array() )

  • (array) query_vars Optional. Query variables for setting up the loop, as determined in WP::parse_request(). Default empty array.
  • (array) Returns the original array of query vars, with date/post conflicts resolved.
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Resolves numeric slugs that collide with date permalinks.Permalinks of posts with numeric slugs can sometimes look to WP_Query::parse_query() like a date archive, as when your permalink structure is `/%year%/%postname%/` and a post with post_name '05' has the URL `/2015/05/`. This function detects conflicts of this type and resolves them in favor of the post permalink. Note that, since 4.3.0, wp_unique_post_slug() prevents the creation of post slugs that would result in a date archive conflict. The resolution performed in this function is primarily for legacy content, as well as cases when the admin has changed the site's permalink structure in a way that introduces URL conflicts.

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