wp_remote_request ( $url, $args = array() )

  • (string) url URL to retrieve.
  • (array) args Optional. Request arguments. Default empty array. See WP_Http::request() for information on accepted arguments.
  • WP_Http::request()
  • (array|WP_Error) { The response array or a WP_Error on failure. @type string[] $headers Array of response headers keyed by their name. @type string $body Response body. @type array $response { Data about the HTTP response. @type int|false $code HTTP response code. @type string|false $message HTTP response message. } @type WP_HTTP_Cookie[] $cookies Array of response cookies. @type WP_HTTP_Requests_Response|null $http_response Raw HTTP response object. }
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Performs an HTTP request and returns its response.There are other API functions available which abstract away the HTTP method: - Default 'GET' for wp_remote_get() - Default 'POST' for wp_remote_post() - Default 'HEAD' for wp_remote_head()

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