wp_register_widget_control ( $id, $name, $control_callback, $options = array(), $params )

  • (int|string) id Sidebar ID.
  • (string) name Sidebar display name.
  • (callable) control_callback Run when sidebar is displayed.
  • (array) options { Optional. Array or string of control options. Default empty array. @type int $height Never used. Default 200. @type int $width Width of the fully expanded control form (but try hard to use the default width). Default 250. @type int|string $id_base Required for multi-widgets, i.e widgets that allow multiple instances such as the text widget. The widget ID will end up looking like `{$id_base}-{$unique_number}`. }
  • (mixed) params Optional additional parameters to pass to the callback function when it's called.
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Registers widget control callback for customizing options.

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