wp_redirect ( $location, $status = 302, $x_redirect_by = 'WordPress' )

  • (string) location The path or URL to redirect to.
  • (int) status Optional. HTTP response status code to use. Default '302' (Moved Temporarily).
  • (string) x_redirect_by Optional. The application doing the redirect. Default 'WordPress'.
  • (bool) False if the redirect was canceled, true otherwise.
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Redirects to another page.Note: wp_redirect() does not exit automatically, and should almost always be followed by a call to `exit;`: wp_redirect( $url ); exit; Exiting can also be selectively manipulated by using wp_redirect() as a conditional in conjunction with the {@see 'wp_redirect'} and {@see 'wp_redirect_status'} filters: if ( wp_redirect( $url ) ) { exit; }

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