wp_playlist_shortcode ( $attr )

  • (array) attr { Array of default playlist attributes. @type string $type Type of playlist to display. Accepts 'audio' or 'video'. Default 'audio'. @type string $order Designates ascending or descending order of items in the playlist. Accepts 'ASC', 'DESC'. Default 'ASC'. @type string $orderby Any column, or columns, to sort the playlist. If $ids are passed, this defaults to the order of the $ids array ('post__in'). Otherwise default is 'menu_order ID'. @type int $id If an explicit $ids array is not present, this parameter will determine which attachments are used for the playlist. Default is the current post ID. @type array $ids Create a playlist out of these explicit attachment IDs. If empty, a playlist will be created from all $type attachments of $id. Default empty. @type array $exclude List of specific attachment IDs to exclude from the playlist. Default empty. @type string $style Playlist style to use. Accepts 'light' or 'dark'. Default 'light'. @type bool $tracklist Whether to show or hide the playlist. Default true. @type bool $tracknumbers Whether to show or hide the numbers next to entries in the playlist. Default true. @type bool $images Show or hide the video or audio thumbnail (Featured Image/post thumbnail). Default true. @type bool $artists Whether to show or hide artist name in the playlist. Default true. }
  • (string) Playlist output. Empty string if the passed type is unsupported.
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Builds the Playlist shortcode output.This implements the functionality of the playlist shortcode for displaying a collection of WordPress audio or video files in a post.

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