wp_parse_url ( $url, $component = -1 )

  • (string) url The URL to parse.
  • (int) component The specific component to retrieve. Use one of the PHP predefined constants to specify which one. Defaults to -1 (= return all parts as an array).
  • (mixed) False on parse failure; Array of URL components on success; When a specific component has been requested: null if the component doesn't exist in the given URL; a string or - in the case of PHP_URL_PORT - integer when it does. See parse_url()'s return values.
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A wrapper for PHP's parse_url() function that handles consistency in the return values across PHP versions.PHP 5.4.7 expanded parse_url()'s ability to handle non-absolute URLs, including schemeless and relative URLs with "://" in the path. This function works around those limitations providing a standard output on PHP 5.2~5.4+. Secondly, across various PHP versions, schemeless URLs containing a ":" in the query are being handled inconsistently. This function works around those differences as well.

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