wp_list_pages ( $args = '' )

  • (array|string) args { Optional. Array or string of arguments to generate a list of pages. See get_pages() for additional arguments. @type int $child_of Display only the sub-pages of a single page by ID. Default 0 (all pages). @type string $authors Comma-separated list of author IDs. Default empty (all authors). @type string $date_format PHP date format to use for the listed pages. Relies on the 'show_date' parameter. Default is the value of 'date_format' option. @type int $depth Number of levels in the hierarchy of pages to include in the generated list. Accepts -1 (any depth), 0 (all pages), 1 (top-level pages only), and n (pages to the given n depth). Default 0. @type bool $echo Whether or not to echo the list of pages. Default true. @type string $exclude Comma-separated list of page IDs to exclude. Default empty. @type array $include Comma-separated list of page IDs to include. Default empty. @type string $link_after Text or HTML to follow the page link label. Default null. @type string $link_before Text or HTML to precede the page link label. Default null. @type string $post_type Post type to query for. Default 'page'. @type string|array $post_status Comma-separated list or array of post statuses to include. Default 'publish'. @type string $show_date Whether to display the page publish or modified date for each page. Accepts 'modified' or any other value. An empty value hides the date. Default empty. @type string $sort_column Comma-separated list of column names to sort the pages by. Accepts 'post_author', 'post_date', 'post_title', 'post_name', 'post_modified', 'post_modified_gmt', 'menu_order', 'post_parent', 'ID', 'rand', or 'comment_count'. Default 'post_title'. @type string $title_li List heading. Passing a null or empty value will result in no heading, and the list will not be wrapped with unordered list `<ul>` tags. Default 'Pages'. @type string $item_spacing Whether to preserve whitespace within the menu's HTML. Accepts 'preserve' or 'discard'. Default 'preserve'. @type Walker $walker Walker instance to use for listing pages. Default empty which results in a Walker_Page instance being used. }
  • (void|string) Void if 'echo' argument is true, HTML list of pages if 'echo' is false.
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Retrieves or displays a list of pages (or hierarchical post type items) in list (li) format.

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