wp_insert_user ( $userdata )

  • (array|object|WP_User) $userdata { An array, object, or WP_User object of user data arguments.
  • (int|WP_Error) The newly created user's ID or a WP_Error object if the user could not be created.
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Insert a user into the database.

Most of the $userdata array fields have filters associated with the values. Exceptions are 'ID', 'rich_editing', 'syntax_highlighting', 'comment_shortcuts', 'admin_color', 'use_ssl', 'user_registered', 'user_activation_key', 'spam', and 'role'. The filters have the prefix 'pre_user_' followed by the field name. An example using 'description' would have the filter called 'pre_user_description' that can be hooked into.

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