wp_enqueue_code_editor ( $args )

  • (array) args { Args. @type string $type The MIME type of the file to be edited. @type string $file Filename to be edited. Extension is used to sniff the type. Can be supplied as alternative to `$type` param. @type WP_Theme $theme Theme being edited when on the theme file editor. @type string $plugin Plugin being edited when on the plugin file editor. @type array $codemirror Additional CodeMirror setting overrides. @type array $csslint CSSLint rule overrides. @type array $jshint JSHint rule overrides. @type array $htmlhint HTMLHint rule overrides. }
  • (array|false) Settings for the enqueued code editor, or false if the editor was not enqueued.
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Enqueues assets needed by the code editor for the given settings.

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