wp_dropdown_languages ( $args = array() )

  • (string|array) args { Optional. Array or string of arguments for outputting the language selector. @type string $id ID attribute of the select element. Default 'locale'. @type string $name Name attribute of the select element. Default 'locale'. @type string[] $languages List of installed languages, contain only the locales. Default empty array. @type array $translations List of available translations. Default result of wp_get_available_translations(). @type string $selected Language which should be selected. Default empty. @type bool|int $echo Whether to echo the generated markup. Accepts 0, 1, or their boolean equivalents. Default 1. @type bool $show_available_translations Whether to show available translations. Default true. @type bool $show_option_site_default Whether to show an option to fall back to the site's locale. Default false. @type bool $show_option_en_us Whether to show an option for English (United States). Default true. @type bool $explicit_option_en_us Whether the English (United States) option uses an explicit value of en_US instead of an empty value. Default false. }
  • (string) HTML dropdown list of languages.
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Displays or returns a Language selector.

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