wp_count_posts ( $type = 'post', $perm = '' )

  • (string) type Optional. Post type to retrieve count. Default 'post'.
  • (string) perm Optional. 'readable' or empty. Default empty.
  • (stdClass) An object containing the number of posts for each status, or an empty object if the post type does not exist.
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Counts number of posts of a post type and if user has permissions to view.This function provides an efficient method of finding the amount of post's type a blog has. Another method is to count the amount of items in get_posts(), but that method has a lot of overhead with doing so. Therefore, when developing for 2.5+, use this function instead. The $perm parameter checks for 'readable' value and if the user can read private posts, it will display that for the user that is signed in.

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