wp_admin_css ( $file = 'wp-admin', $force_echo = false )

  • (string) file Optional. Style handle name or file name (without ".css" extension) relative to wp-admin/. Defaults to 'wp-admin'.
  • (bool) force_echo Optional. Force the stylesheet link to be printed rather than enqueued.
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Enqueues or directly prints a stylesheet link to the specified CSS file."Intelligently" decides to enqueue or to print the CSS file. If the {@see 'wp_print_styles'} action has *not* yet been called, the CSS file will be enqueued. If the {@see 'wp_print_styles'} action has been called, the CSS link will be printed. Printing may be forced by passing true as the $force_echo (second) parameter. For backward compatibility with WordPress 2.3 calling method: If the $file (first) parameter does not correspond to a registered CSS file, we assume $file is a file relative to wp-admin/ without its ".css" extension. A stylesheet link to that generated URL is printed.

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