wp_admin_css ( $file = 'wp-admin', $force_echo = false )

  • (string) file Optional. Style handle name or file name (without ".css" extension) relative to wp-admin/. Defaults to 'wp-admin'.
  • (bool) force_echo Optional. Force the stylesheet link to be printed rather than enqueued.
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Enqueues or directly prints a stylesheet link to the specified CSS file."Intelligently" decides to enqueue or to print the CSS file. If the Array action has *not* yet been called, the CSS file will be enqueued. If the Array action has been called, the CSS link will be printed. Printing may be forced by passing true as the $force_echo (second) parameter. For backward compatibility with WordPress 2.3 calling method: If the $file (first) parameter does not correspond to a registered CSS file, we assume $file is a file relative to wp-admin/ without its ".css" extension. A stylesheet link to that generated URL is printed.

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