serialize_block ( $block )

  • (array) block { A representative array of a single parsed block object. See WP_Block_Parser_Block. @type string $blockName Name of block. @type array $attrs Attributes from block comment delimiters. @type array[] $innerBlocks List of inner blocks. An array of arrays that have the same structure as this one. @type string $innerHTML HTML from inside block comment delimiters. @type array $innerContent List of string fragments and null markers where inner blocks were found. }
  • (string) String of rendered HTML.
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Returns the content of a block, including comment delimiters, serializing all attributes from the given parsed block.This should be used when preparing a block to be saved to post content. Prefer `render_block` when preparing a block for display. Unlike `render_block`, this does not evaluate a block's `render_callback`, and will instead preserve the markup as parsed.

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