sanitize_bookmark_field ( $field, $value, $bookmark_id, $context )

  • (string) field The bookmark field.
  • (mixed) value The bookmark field value.
  • (int) bookmark_id Bookmark ID.
  • (string) context How to filter the field value. Accepts 'raw', 'edit', 'db', 'display', 'attribute', or 'js'. Default 'display'.
  • (mixed) The filtered value.
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Sanitizes a bookmark field.Sanitizes the bookmark fields based on what the field name is. If the field has a strict value set, then it will be tested for that, else a more generic filtering is applied. After the more strict filter is applied, if the `$context` is 'raw' then the value is immediately return. Hooks exist for the more generic cases. With the 'edit' context, the {@see 'edit_$field'} filter will be called and passed the `$value` and `$bookmark_id` respectively. With the 'db' context, the {@see 'pre_$field'} filter is called and passed the value. The 'display' context is the final context and has the `$field` has the filter name and is passed the `$value`, `$bookmark_id`, and `$context`, respectively.

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