register_theme_feature ( $feature, $args = array() )

  • (string) feature The name uniquely identifying the feature. See add_theme_support() for the list of possible values.
  • (array) args { Data used to describe the theme. @type string $type The type of data associated with this feature. Valid values are 'string', 'boolean', 'integer', 'number', 'array', and 'object'. Defaults to 'boolean'. @type bool $variadic Does this feature utilize the variadic support of add_theme_support(), or are all arguments specified as the second parameter. Must be used with the "array" type. @type string $description A short description of the feature. Included in the Themes REST API schema. Intended for developers. @type bool|array $show_in_rest { Whether this feature should be included in the Themes REST API endpoint. Defaults to not being included. When registering an 'array' or 'object' type, this argument must be an array with the 'schema' key. @type array $schema Specifies the JSON Schema definition describing the feature. If any objects in the schema do not include the 'additionalProperties' keyword, it is set to false. @type string $name An alternate name to be used as the property name in the REST API. @type callable $prepare_callback A function used to format the theme support in the REST API. Receives the raw theme support value. } }
  • (true|WP_Error) True if the theme feature was successfully registered, a WP_Error object if not.
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Registers a theme feature for use in add_theme_support().This does not indicate that the active theme supports the feature, it only describes the feature's supported options.

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