register_sidebars ( $number = 1, $args = array() )

  • (int) number Optional. Number of sidebars to create. Default 1.
  • (array|string) args { Optional. Array or string of arguments for building a sidebar. @type string $id The base string of the unique identifier for each sidebar. If provided, and multiple sidebars are being defined, the ID will have "-2" appended, and so on. Default 'sidebar-' followed by the number the sidebar creation is currently at. @type string $name The name or title for the sidebars displayed in the admin dashboard. If registering more than one sidebar, include '%d' in the string as a placeholder for the uniquely assigned number for each sidebar. Default 'Sidebar' for the first sidebar, otherwise 'Sidebar %d'. }
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Creates multiple sidebars.If you wanted to quickly create multiple sidebars for a theme or internally. This function will allow you to do so. If you don't pass the 'name' and/or 'id' in `$args`, then they will be built for you.

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