map_meta_cap ( $cap, $user_id, $args )

  • (string) $cap Capability name.
  • (int) $user_id User ID.
  • (mixed) $args ...$args Optional further parameters, typically starting with an object ID.
  • (array) Actual capabilities for meta capability.
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Maps meta capabilities to primitive capabilities.

This function also accepts an ID of an object to map against if the capability is a meta capability. Meta capabilities such as edit_post and edit_user are capabilities used by this function to map to primitive capabilities that a user or role has, such as edit_posts and edit_others_posts.

Example usage:

map_meta_cap( 'edit_posts', $user->ID );
map_meta_cap( 'edit_post', $user->ID, $post->ID );
map_meta_cap( 'edit_post_meta', $user->ID, $post->ID, $meta_key );

This does not actually compare whether the user ID has the actual capability, just what the capability or capabilities are. Meta capability list value can be 'delete_user', 'edit_user', 'remove_user', 'promote_user', 'delete_post', 'delete_page', 'edit_post', 'edit_page', 'read_post', or 'read_page'.

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