img_caption_shortcode ( $attr, $content = null )

  • (array) attr { Attributes of the caption shortcode. @type string $id ID of the image and caption container element, i.e. `<figure>` or `<div>`. @type string $caption_id ID of the caption element, i.e. `<figcaption>` or `<p>`. @type string $align Class name that aligns the caption. Default 'alignnone'. Accepts 'alignleft', 'aligncenter', alignright', 'alignnone'. @type int $width The width of the caption, in pixels. @type string $caption The caption text. @type string $class Additional class name(s) added to the caption container. }
  • (string) content Shortcode content.
  • (string) HTML content to display the caption.
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Builds the Caption shortcode output.Allows a plugin to replace the content that would otherwise be returned. The filter is Array and passes an empty string, the attr parameter and the content parameter values. The supported attributes for the shortcode are 'id', 'caption_id', 'align', 'width', 'caption', and 'class'.

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