get_search_form ( $args = array() )

  • (array) args { Optional. Array of display arguments. @type bool $echo Whether to echo or return the form. Default true. @type string $aria_label ARIA label for the search form. Useful to distinguish multiple search forms on the same page and improve accessibility. Default empty. }
  • (void|string) Void if 'echo' argument is true, search form HTML if 'echo' is false.
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Displays search form.Will first attempt to locate the searchform.php file in either the child or the parent, then load it. If it doesn't exist, then the default search form will be displayed. The default search form is HTML, which will be displayed. There is a filter applied to the search form HTML in order to edit or replace it. The filter is {@see 'get_search_form'}. This function is primarily used by themes which want to hardcode the search form into the sidebar and also by the search widget in WordPress. There is also an action that is called whenever the function is run called, {@see 'pre_get_search_form'}. This can be useful for outputting JavaScript that the search relies on or various formatting that applies to the beginning of the search. To give a few examples of what it can be used for.

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