get_post_class ( $css_class = '', $post = null )

  • (string|string[]) css_class Optional. Space-separated string or array of class names to add to the class list. Default empty.
  • (int|WP_Post) post Optional. Post ID or post object.
  • (string[]) Array of class names.
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Retrieves an array of the class names for the post container element.The class names are many: - If the post has a post thumbnail, `has-post-thumbnail` is added as a class. - If the post is sticky, then the `sticky` class name is added. - The class `hentry` is always added to each post. - For each taxonomy that the post belongs to, a class will be added of the format `{$taxonomy}-{$slug}`, e.g. `category-foo` or `my_custom_taxonomy-bar`. The `post_tag` taxonomy is a special case; the class has the `tag-` prefix instead of `post_tag-`. All class names are passed through the filter, {@see 'post_class'}, followed by `$css_class` parameter value, with the post ID as the last parameter.

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