get_post ( $post = null, $output = OBJECT, $filter = 'raw' )

  • (int|WP_Post|null) post Optional. Post ID or post object. `null`, `false`, `0` and other PHP falsey values return the current global post inside the loop. A numerically valid post ID that points to a non-existent post returns `null`. Defaults to global $post.
  • (string) output Optional. The required return type. One of OBJECT, ARRAY_A, or ARRAY_N, which correspond to a WP_Post object, an associative array, or a numeric array, respectively. Default OBJECT.
  • (string) filter Optional. Type of filter to apply. Accepts 'raw', 'edit', 'db', or 'display'. Default 'raw'.
  • (WP_Post|array|null) Type corresponding to $output on success or null on failure. When $output is OBJECT, a `WP_Post` instance is returned.
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Retrieves post data given a post ID or post object.See sanitize_post() for optional $filter values. Also, the parameter `$post`, must be given as a variable, since it is passed by reference.

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